Werkmatt Uri is one of the largest connected land reserves in canton Uri. The government stored grain in two silos there, in case of war, between 1913 and 2001. Almost all the rest was a green field, which canton Uri leased to farmers. Over 120'000 m² of potential business and industrial land, as well as interesting possible uses of the two listed buildings, are presently being connected and will be made available to the economy. The previous infrastructure of the area is not capable of delivering all the services required by the new QGP. This includes the provision of energy and water, the disposal of wastewater and transport connections. All these infrastructural elements will be adapted to the new capacities and current regulations. The expansion will take place in two stages from south to north and with the planned connection to the A2 motorway in the direction of Lake Lucerne. The start of the first stage was in April 2018. The first stage will be completed in autumn 2018. The second stage will take place as soon as Werkmatt Uri shows clear development.

The purchase of land in Werkmatt Uri is in principal possible at any time and not tied to the two defined infrastructure stages. Depending on the location of a plot, there could be a solution allowing fast construction before the realisation of the second stage. If you are interested or have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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